We are BRERA 89

Has twenty- year experience of projecting and realizing interior enviroments and components. Our projects range over "traditional" buildings to leisure facilities and prestigius structures. Thanks to the collaboration with our partners, we work to 'satisfy customers' demands and needs, providing a high level of services.

Thanks to the quality of the raw materials chosen during the first research phase and to the innovative solutions and technologies applied, we realize tailor-made projects. The strong and long-lasting partnership with our collaborators allow us to reach our main goal: matching customers' wishes.


Our work is planned to maximize the efficiency in realizing the projects, with a particular focus on quality aspects. Thanks also to our up-to-date knowledge, we purse the customers' complete satisfaction.



of Brera 89



Has been consultant and contractor in interior design for twenty years. His keywords, continuously present in his approach and organization, are: efficiency, quality, innovation and customized products.


architects, interior designers and engineers



Who work side by side and integrate their knowledge and skills.